[Why do the spring onions and aphrodisiacs]

[Why do the spring onions and aphrodisiacs]

Welsh shallot is also a kind of shallot. Its medicinal value and edible effect are very obvious.

There is also a saying that scallions have aphrodisiac effects.

Strictly speaking, green onions are good for the human body, and various vitamins stimulate the development of various organs in the human body.

Then why do we say that the scallion is strong?


Welsh onions are rich in various nutrients, which can relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation, which is very good for cardiovascular.

Modern medical research shows that the various vitamins in green onions can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones and can effectively stimulate sexual desire, thereby “aphrodisiac and tonic”.

How to eat green onions is the most aphrodisiac. For men, eat green onions or chives 3 times a week. They can be stir-fried, served cold, or used as a flavoring agent.


Shallots, the daily diet of normal people can include this dish.

Especially mental workers are more suitable to eat more green onions.

However, all food needs to be served on an orderly basis, with moderation.

For example, people with certain gastrointestinal diseases, especially gastric ulcers, should not eat more. After all, they are spicy ingredients.

In addition, the onion stimulates sweat glands intensified. People with body odor underarm sweat glands should be cautiously eaten in the summer; those who are sweaty and sweaty should also avoid eating. In particular, note that excessive consumption of onions will damage vision.


Aphrodisiac effect of scrambled eggs with spring onion is good!

Prepare one green onion, two eggs, and red pepper.

Shred the shallots and red peppers and add some salt to the eggs.

Heat the pan with oil, pour in the egg liquid, and wait for the eggs to form and serve.

Add a little oil to the pan, and stir-fry the shallots over the fire and quickly stir-fry slightly.

Pour in the fried eggs, shredded red pepper, and add a few oyster sauce to fry a few times.