[Artificial chicken]_ chicken _ practice _ how to do

[Artificial chicken]_ chicken _ practice _ how to do

Chicken is a meat we are more familiar with, and its nutritional value is also relatively high. The appearance of artificial chicken has also made many people more novel. In fact, the method of making artificial chicken is different, so you should pay attention to different methods.


To 1 kg of egg white, add 5 g of calcium carbonate, 2 g of calcium phosphate and 1 sodium hydroxide.

5 grams, after dissolving, add 30 grams of dried lotus root powder, 20 grams of table salt, 7 grams of sodium glutamate, and sodium inosine 0.

5 grams, 15 grams of sodium chrysogen, 20 grams of rice starch and 10 grams of granulated sugar, make them miscible, especially to make the flour fully swelled and dissolved.

After that, a small amount of chicken flavoring (such as chicken sauce, etc.) and 20 grams of lettuce oil were added, and the pH was 11 after mixing.

2 of starch.

The powder was adjusted to pH 11 with sodium bicarbonate.

0, squeeze into a 90 ° C alkaline coagulation solution through a spinneret, that is, draw silk, and then infiltrate into 10% lactic acid solution for neutralization. After neutralization, it is washed with water and hot-pressed to make artificial chicken.Its flavor and chewing feels like natural chicken.


The egg white was adjusted to pH 7 with acetic acid.

3, using cellulose acetate film to 20?
Filter press at a pressure of 30 kg / cm2 to obtain Concentration 1.

75 times the pH value 7.

3 egg white concentrate.

Take 1 kg of the above-mentioned concentrated egg white, add 15 g of table salt and 3 g of sodium glutamate, mix well, move to a container with a diameter of 3 cm, seal the container and immerse it in hot water at 93 ° C, and leave it for 80 minutes to make the containerAfter the egg whites in the medium are thermally coagulated, a sealed canned food is obtained, which has the same food texture as the heated chicken.


Put 1 kg of 28?
35% egg protein solution (2?

5 times concentrated solution) put into a porcelain container with a thickness of 3 cm and place it in steam at 100 ° C for 30 minutes to solidify the protein to obtain food with the same texture as chicken.