[Can you eat fish with cephalosporins]_Fish_Can you eat

[Can you eat fish with cephalosporins]_Fish_Can you eat

If everyone has relatively severe inflammation inside the body, ordinary anti-inflammatory drugs will not work. At this time, cephalosporins need to be used.

Cephalosporin is an antibiotic that has a very good effect on anti-inflammatory.

But while using cephalosporins, there are many taboos in diet.

So, can cephalosporin eat fish?

There is no obvious adverse reaction between cephalosporin and fish, so there is no conflict between eating fish and cephalosporin. Patients who can’t eat cephalosporins should not drink alcohol while taking cephalosporin anti-inflammatory drugs. Drinking alcohol may cause allergic reactions.It can even be life threatening.

At the same time, you should also avoid spicy spicy food, cold food, seafood, etc.

The most important thing is not to drink alcohol, because drinking may cause allergic reactions. When taking cephalosporin anti-inflammatory drugs, in principle, it cannot be taken with other drugs. This is because chemical reactions may occur between drugs, which will affectTo the effect, it will even harm the health of the body.

In addition, cephalosporins compete with the metabolism of certain drugs, which may cause damage to the liver and kidneys.

Cefraditin capsules can not be taken with any medicine1, cephalosporin can delay the excretion of phenytoin sodium in the renal tubules.

2. Combination of Baotaisong and cephalosporin antibiotics can increase renal toxicity.

3, combined with strong diuretics can increase renal toxicity.

4. Combined with mecillin, it has a synergistic effect on Gram-negative bacilli such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella.


5. Probenecid can delay excretion of this product.

What are the principles of cephalosporin use? 1, cephalosporins that cannot be absorbed excessively have so many advantages, so patients and doctors favor it. Whenever a patient is infected, there is a fever, no matter it is some kind of infection, immediatelyUse cephalosporins.

Especially the third-generation cephalospores are produced in our country in large quantities and the price is quite cheap. Therefore, abuse in the past was very common.

Nowadays, a large amount of cephalosporins are absorbed in clinical medicine. As a result, cephalosporins have a good antibacterial effect and are greatly attenuated. In addition, these substitute bacteria will cause infections, which is difficult to handle clinically.

2. It can be taken orally, and intravenous drip can be used. In order to pursue an early recovery, a large number of patients will actively ask doctors to give them intravenous cephalosporins.

This is inappropriate.

Whether to use cephalosporins or whether the veins are elevated should follow the doctor’s decision.

In the application of cephalosporins, there must be a choice between light and heavy. Oral infection is relatively light. Oral preparations are available for each generation of cephalosporins.

The infection is severe, and intravenous injection is optional.

Intravenous drip is usually used, and bolus injections are minimized.

This is because cephalosporins can also cause adverse reactions. If the patient has a severe allergic reaction or other serious adverse reactions, if the bolus is used, the drug has quickly entered the blood and the doctor cannot stop the occurrence.

With infusion, even if the drip is fast, once the patient has an adverse reaction, the infusion rate can be slowed down immediately, or the tube can be clamped immediately and terminated.

Let doctors look forward to the time of rescue.