Laughing at the habits of countries after the event

Laughing at the habits of countries after the event

There is such a joke: When the British finish, the wife will snuggle up on the husband’s chest and say softly: “Dear, will our son go to Oxford or Cambridge?”

After the Frenchman finished his love, his wife shouted at the place: “Dear, how did you faint!”

“After the Americans have finished their love, the wife will tell her husband: “You are much stronger than the husband I used to be.”

“After the Japanese have finished their love, the wife will say this: “I’m sorry, I don’t know if I am satisfied with the service.”

“This joke does not say what happens when the Chinese finish their love, but when they think about the business from the air, the ones who sleep on the head, the ones who don’t know what to say, and those who are involved in the beggars are certainly not in the minority.”

  There is a word in English. The literal translation is a “post-play”, which refers to the time when the men and women have not been disengaged after sexual intercourse.

In the literary sense, it can be called “post-gentleness.”

  The gentleness after the event should be the last movement of this wonderful piece of sex life. Although it is not as loud and loud as the orgasm stage, and at the same time, the long and deep remnant, as long as you experience it, you will taste another charm. Unfortunately,Many people don’t understand this truth. When the war is not over, they will soon die down.

  According to a survey, after sex, 32% of men immediately lie down to adjust their breathing or ignite smoking; 17% of men quickly fall asleep; 14% of men go to the toilet; 9% of men immediatelyGo to the shower; 65 men go looking for something to eat or drink; 2% of men are ready to start paying again.

  According to a survey conducted in Japan, about 40% of men have no warm feelings about their wives after they have finished their sex life.

The percentages obtained by doing the same survey in Europe and the United States are much lower.

It is conceivable that this situation is probably related to the Japanese machismo.

  There has been no similar investigation in China, but it is logically inferred that it should be closer to the Japanese who are both ethnic groups.

  Gentleness afterwards is dispensable for men, but it is undeniable for women.

There is a “time difference” between men and women in sexual impulses. There is also a “time difference” in the process of sexual desire to fade. The sexual excitement of men is quick and dissipated. The sexual excitement of women is slow and slow, about 20In minutes or even an hour, the congestion of the sexual organs can be completely eliminated.

  One wife said in some of the distress of this aspect that every time she had sex, her husband fell asleep after she finished shooting, and she had to look at the ceiling to count, and she would have to count more than a thousand to sleep.

  It is easy to cause a misunderstanding for women. Afterwards, gentleness is so important to women and men are generally poor in this respect. Therefore, sex experts naturally have to refuse to blame men.

They bitterly told men that fatigue, thirst, and obesity after sexual intercourse are normal phenomena. Unless they go to the toilet, other feelings are not so strong, and they can be overcome with a little restraint.

  Any husband who has deep feelings for his wife will take a certain amount of fever after sex and cares for his wife.

  Of course, these statements are not wrong, but without adequate explanation, it is easy to cause a misunderstanding to women – a husband who does not carry out afterwards or who has actions but perfunctory things, that is, love for his wife.
  Women who have this misunderstanding are generally accompanied by another misunderstanding, that is, the mental mechanism of excessively focusing on sexual behavior, while ignoring its physiological mechanism.

They also know that men will inevitably experience fatigue and drowsiness after the end of sexual intercourse, but at the same time they believe that such fatigue can be completely overcome with love.

  They don’t want to experience the coldness after the warm service. If they can dream in the husband’s and hug, it is happiness.

  It is naturally wonderful for a man to fail to do this, but for men, this requirement is somewhat unsatisfactory.

  Even though he loves his wife so much, his body often does not give him the master. You must know that the increasing excitement of the conversion, the male sexual organs, the cerebral cortex, and the muscular system are highly excited, and the heartbeat and breathing will become short.stand up.

Once the blast is fired, the highly excited state will be quickly released and transferred to the suppression period, and the feeling of fatigue will suddenly arise.

  In fact, the healthier males are more sexually excited, and the more tired they feel after ejaculation.

And those who are impotence, slippery, can only barely get fatigue when they have sex, but they will become sleepless and even insomnia after sexual intercourse.

  After understanding the above reasons, the wife should understand from the accusation of the husband.

  When the husband draws all the physiology into sex and does his best, when you have already received considerable satisfaction from your husband’s high emotions, you should know that he will soon be mentally paralyzed and sleepy.

  In turn, this is a sign of your husband’s love. If you still have something to do, you can take some active actions, such as hugs, kisses, and strokes, so that your emotions will gradually calm down without disturbing him.

If you can act with such compassion, then you will not get a different kind of warmth.

  If the wife thinks that her husband can express her love for herself with sexual behavior, why can’t she reverse her husband’s love?

  As such, can a man simply fall asleep after he has finished doing things?

This is of course also recognized.

  A sudden and irresponsible attitude is for your beloved wife. Men should not rush to get up after ejaculation. At this time, men usually still have enough erections to take this opportunity to exercise again.

This kind of operation should be slow, not too large, so that the wife can not only experience the pleasure, but also experience your good intentions.

  When getting up, the couple should continue to hug and carry out some strokes. Most of the movements in the caress stage can be used here, but only in the intensity.Two people can also talk in a low voice, expressing warmth and love.

  Personality content is best not to be sexual, especially if it involves something that has just happened.

At first, the wife’s attention can be diverted, from physiological satisfaction to psychological satisfaction.

  The caressing movement gradually diminished, and finally stopped, and the sleepiness made the eyelids heavy.

  Since both the body and the spirit have experienced a change in time from tension to relaxation, it is bound to cause drowsiness. After the sexual life, the general sleep is very fragrant.

The first one who feels sleepy is a man, and the first one who falls asleep is often a man.

A husband who has deep feelings for his wife should pay attention to changing this situation.

Balzac said; “The husband never has the right to sleep first.”

  Franck also has a similar saying: “Whoever does not let his wife sleep well, no one knows how wonderful life is.”

“The husband should restrain his drowsiness, let his wife put his head on his earrings, or pillow on his own, let her sleep first.”

  Also be careful not to move before she is asleep, lest she wake her up.

The husband has to sleep after he has to wake up.

Let your wife’s eyes open, you will see your smile, evoke his memories of last night’s sex life, and bury the “seed of love” for the next harmonious sex life.

  There are also some factors that may cause damage to the after-sales. After sexual life, some parts of the two sides gradually increase, and vaginal secretions or semen may flow to the sheets.

This situation does make people feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, many couples immediately got up and rinsed, or wiped the bills and changed sheets.

  Although this kind of thing is small, the change is very sudden, and it suddenly makes people’s emotions completely different. After doing these things and then restoring caressing, both sides will feel very awkward.

  This unpleasant phenomenon can be completely prevented.

These problems can be solved by preparing a small mat and some toilet paper before sex.

This kind of preparation is often done by the wife and will be done unconsciously.