[How to make loofah for babies]_Children_How to make

[How to make loofah for babies]_Children_How to make

Many people know that babies not long after birth need to add some vegetables, because vegetables replace these rich vitamins and trace elements, which can supplement the nutrients the baby needs and help them grow and develop.

The water gourd is not difficult to bite, so many people choose to give the baby a loofah, supplement the child’s nutrition, and transform the loofah itself to be easily digested.

So how can you give your baby a gourd suitable for them?

What to do with loofah. Of course, it ‘s good for the baby to eat the loofah. But it ca n’t be too big, because the baby has poor chewing function.

It is best to chop the loofah and mash it into mud. It is better to put only salt or sugar. Don’t put the seasoning and then steam it before feeding.

You can only feed them as complementary foods. Do not eat too much, let alone eat them raw.

If the baby is 8 months old, it is best not to add salt and sugar.

First, can babies eat loofah? Babies can eat loofah.

Loofah is green and tender, crisp and sweet, and it is a common vegetable in summer and autumn.

The nutritional value of loofah is very high. The loofah contains protein, trace amounts, glucose, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline and riboflavin, and other B vitamins, vitamin C, and saponin.

Luffa seeds pharmacological experiments have confirmed a laxative effect. For dyspepsia and constipation, eating loofah seeds can solve the problem of lubricating the stomach and cause bowel movements. Luffa seeds can also be used in the clinic to expel and effectively prevent some parasitic diseases.

Luffa also has a good sputum effect. Babies often have more sputum due to diet or a cold cough, so they can often drink Luffa soup to expel phlegm.

The baby is steamed because of the hot summer heat, which causes the blood to become heavy, and the head, face and body become hot.

There are obvious phenomena, you can use loofah as a supplement, or take the loofah mashed juice orally, it can cool blood and detoxify, and it can help to relieve the itch and remove the rash.

Old medical books record that after the child has rash of pox, they can use loofah juice as an internal medicine, and rub the whole body with loofah meat, which can moisturize the skin, reduce dampness and heat rash.

Second, what are the benefits of loofah to your baby’s health?

The clinical manifestations of bacillary dysentery are mainly chills, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, acute stress, and mucus pus and bloody stool.

Mycorrhizal fungus is distributed all year round, more common in summer and autumn, and is a common disease with frequent occurrence.

After washing with loofah roots, stems or leaves, smash the juice and take 2 spoons each time, 3 times a day, which can effectively treat the fungus.

2, cure allergic hypertension.

Allergic hypertension is a relatively stubborn disease. It usually develops in infants and young children. Most children have allergies or allergic rhinitis. Hospitalized patients with allergic rhinitis may have sneezing and runny nose., Itchy nose, itchy eyes, tears and other symptoms.

Wash and smash the luffa vine and squeeze the juice, take 1 spoon each time, 3 times a day.

Or two small loofahs, cut off, put in a casserole, and take 150 ml of thick juice, 3 times a day, can effectively relieve symptoms.

3, cure sore throat.

Acute pharyngitis is usually caused by a virus, followed by bacteria.

Chronic pharyngitis is mainly caused by repeated treatment of acute respiratory diseases, which is chronic, or because of various rhinopathy, nasal splits, long-term mouth breathing, and physical and chemical factors, which often cause radiation therapy and other irritations to the pharynx.
Wash and squeeze the juice with tender loofah and add an appropriate amount of sugar.

1 spoon per day, 3 times a day, can effectively treat baby sore throat.

4, cure wind and cold cough.

If a baby suffers from a cold and cough, he will experience colds and lungs, and his lungs will lose Xuansu. See the frequent cough, thin white sputum, nasal congestion, clear nose, and heavy throat itch.