How to identify true and false yellow medicine?

How to identify true and false yellow medicine?

The yellow medicinal herb, also known as the yellow medicinal root, is a wooden medicinal herb. It is a tuber of the yam family plant. It has a flat, bitter taste, and has the effects of cooling blood, reducing fire, eliminating phlegm and detoxification.

For the treatment of vomiting blood, blood stasis, throat, hernia, sores and other symptoms.

On the market, there are the Phyllostachys pubescens and the wing mites (Buckwheat Seven), and the roots of the Saxifragaceae plant Ghost Light Engine are pretending to be yellow medicine.

Today, only the distinction between genuine Huang Yaozi and counterfeit ghost light is as follows: First, distinguish from the shape.

The authentic yellow medicinal herbs are round or round-shaped pieces of different sizes, about 3-7 cm in diameter and 0 piece thickness.


5 cm, brownish-black surface, wrinkles, dense short roots and yellow-white round roots, micro-filled, partially replaced with cork, replaced with a pale yellow and smooth center column; and Ghost LightsRound or cross-cut into a circular sheet with a diameter of about 2.

5-5 cm, about 0 thick.


6 cm, smaller and thinner than the original one.

The outer skin is taupe, with multiple outer diameters, sometimes with yellow-brown scales.

  In fact, the sections are different.

The genuine section is light yellow to yellowish brown, and the section roughness or granular unevenness; while the fake section is light reddish brown, many crystals are visible, densely packed in dots, and the near edge is more obvious.

  Third, the positive quality is firm and brittle, easy to break; and the pseudo-quality is more rigid, not as easy to break.

Fourth, the authenticity is slight, and the taste is bitter; the fakes are also faint, and the mouth tastes bitter.

  Huang Yaozi has an antagonistic effect on goiter, and clinical treatment of various types of goiter has certain effects; decocting has excitatory effects on the uterus; alcohol infusion has certain effects on esophageal cancer, gastric cancer control symptoms, and improvement of the disease.

The fakes do not have these effects and cannot be used as a substitute for genuine yellow medicine.