Bailu autumn wind night night night

Bailu autumn wind night night night

With the breeze, we ushered in the fifteenth solar terms in the year – Bailu.

The old saying goes: “Bai Lu autumn wind night, one night cool night.

“It is said that after entering the white dew, the temperature will drop faster.

Then the question is coming. How should we maintain our health during the Bailu season?

Look down!

  First, you must not undress naked, greedy the wind.

  After the white dew, the climate gradually turned cold, especially in the morning and evening, adding a bit of coolness.

If you are naked again at this time, wearing shorts, it is easy to get cold.

  ”Health Theory” said: “At the end of the autumn and late summer, you can’t strip your naked body and greet the wind and cool.

“If the clothes are exposed, it is easy to catch a cold, but it is easy to get lung disease.

Because the main air in the autumn is dry, dry and easy to hurt the lungs.

After the “white dew”, the dryness gradually prospered, and the wind and the evil spirits formed together with the wind, and must first invade the land of the lungs and lungs (fur, nose, etc.).

If the immunity is reduced due to cold, it is unable to resist the evil spirits, leading to lungs and respiratory diseases such as fever, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.

If the wind evil invades the meridians and bones, so that the tendons are blocked, quadriplegia can occur.

  There is another saying in the folk: “The white body is not exposed, and the frozen diarrhea is exposed.

“The coolness of the night is obvious every day. It is necessary to remove the mat, close the window, put on the long-sleeved clothes and fall asleep, and put thin cotton on the bed. It is very necessary, otherwise it is easy to get cold and cause diarrhea.”

Especially for patients, the elderly, the infirm, it is necessary to pay attention to short-term changes and add and subtract clothes.

  Right now, especially young and middle-aged, pursuing fashion, like wearing a sling, and wearing a navel on the street, showing youthful beauty.

However, it is counterproductive to show youthfulness and beauty, at least occasionally. If the “back” and the navel are “deliberately” exposed at this time, it is counterproductive to say “spring and autumn”.

  As the saying goes: Cold starts from the foot.

For the northerners, especially those with poor cold tolerance, when the white dew is over, it is necessary to pay attention to keeping the feet warm to prevent cold and evil invasion.

  Second, we must pay attention to cold-resistant exercise and prevent colds.

  Exercise must be done at the same time as “six defenses”: 1.

It is against autumn cold.

Pay attention to exercise and exercise hard.


To prevent colds, pay attention to the onset of respiratory diseases.


Anti-gastrointestinal disease, after the fall, be careful to eat some melons, fruits and the like.



For example, we can eat a little black-bone chicken soup, honey, sesame, peanuts and the like.


Anti-hypertension, the weather turns cold in the fall, the appetite is good, the appetite is greatly increased, and often eating too much.


Anti-injury, we still have to keep exercising during the autumn season, and we should prevent colds, sports injuries and excessive exercise during exercise.

  During the Bailu season, the temperature began to accelerate and decline. In daily life, don’t be tempted to cool, let the cold accumulate in the body, and at the same time strengthen the cold-resistant exercise!