What do you know about the cause of childhood epilepsy?

What do you know about the cause of childhood epilepsy?


Some are caused by congenital factors. It mainly points out the damage suffered in the mother before birth. It can cause abnormal brain development and seizures after birth.

Such as pregnant women with abdominal injuries, uterine bleeding, ultraviolet radiation, harmful harmful drugs, various microorganisms, especially rubella, measles virus and toxoplasmosis infections and so on.

There are also some congenital diseases that can cause seizures in children, such as brain malformations, hydrocephalus, and chromosomal abnormalities.


Symptomatic seizures in children are caused by birth injuries. There are many reasons for birth injuries, such as abnormal fetal position, excessive fetal size, too long labor, too old primipara, birth control forceps, fetal head suction, head basinNot to mention, the birth canal is so tight.

Amniotic fluid inhalation of oxidant asphyxia, umbilical cord around the neck, placental abruption, initial placenta, umbilical cord prolapse, caesarean section, etc., the incidence increased significantly in the future.


Brain diseases causing epilepsy, cerebral schistosomiasis, cerebral cysticercosis, brain hypoplasia, brain development retardation, brain atrophy, intracranial tumors, cerebrovascular diseases and other brain diseases can cause seizures if not treated in time.

Poisoning plasma lead, gas, pesticides and systemic diseases such as hepatic encephalopathy, acute nephritis, uremia, etc. cause the onset of this disease.

Nutritional metabolic diseases, diabetes, hypoglycemia, diabetic coma, vitamin B6 deficiency, hyperthyroidism, etc. can also cause the onset of this disease.