[Can ginger cure constipation]_action_effect

[Can ginger cure constipation]_action_effect

Constipation is a gastrointestinal disease that greatly affects patients. It causes defecation problems and brings great pain to patients’ healthy lives.

In addition, the duration of constipation is very long, and the treatment is very difficult. Too many people choose to use traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions to treat them. I hope to get better results. For example, can ginger cure constipation?

Let ‘s take a look at the explanation below, I hope everyone can understand it.

One slice of ginger, one band-aid, two white bright liquids, the symptoms of constipation can be cured within three days, and the slow one will not exceed one week.

It is generally known that ginger can relieve vomiting with the stomach, but it is not known that ginger also has a very important effect, which can disperse moisture.

Usage: Take a large piece of ginger, cut it into pieces first.

Wipe the navel with white wine.

Fill your navel with ginger.

Dip a small amount of white vinegar in a cotton swab and apply to the ginger.

Afterwards, it was sealed with a band-aid, and it was able to fall asleep after being pasted between 9pm and 11pm every night.

The next day, if constipation can be alleviated, you can take it down; if it hasn’t been relieved, it can be peeled off after 24 hours, usually within three days, the constipation symptoms will be greatly reduced.

What to eat for constipation: Wash apples and eat one with skin every day to prevent constipation.

Eat 4-5 skins a day, which can cure refractory constipation.

Eat 1 on an empty stomach every morning and night?
2, adjustable habitual constipation.

6 grams of dried apple powder, when taken on an empty stomach with warm boiled water, eat 3 times a day for the treatment of habitual constipation.

Peel the apples, cut into pieces, cook with water, and cook with 30 grams of honey daily. 3?
4 times, also regulates habitual constipation.

4 bananas, moderate amount of rock sugar.

Peel the bananas and steam them with water and sugar.

One at a time, 2 times a day, and 2 days with food, can be used to treat children with qi and yin deficiency.

Eat bananas 1 every morning?
2 or 2 bananas with stewed skin, eaten once a day, can be used for constipation with anal fissure bleeding and hemorrhoids.

Pear Sydney every 250?
500 grams, 1 time per mouth, eat on an empty stomach every night, suitable for heat-constipated constipation.

1 pear, 30 grams of hemp kernels, fry for juice, add a small amount of honey, stew, 1?
2 times, also used as heat constipation.