[AIDS antibacterial drugs]_How to use medicine_How to choose medicine

[AIDS antibacterial drugs]_How to use medicine_How to choose medicine

It is said that data from the Internet show that in recent years, there has been a clear upward trend in AIDS, and everyone is pursuing cleanliness. Especially in the choice of sexual partners, we must pay attention to safety. In addition, we must choose distance when transfusion or examination.For hospitals, use disposable needles.

In the treatment of AIDS, if it is found in time, you can choose an alternative AIDS drug, which will work well within 72 hours.

In fact, HIV invasion into the human body has a relatively long process. After high-risk behaviors, it is most effective within 72 hours.


After AIDS invades the skin and mucous membranes, it will be recognized by dendritic cells and infect CD4 cells, then they will gather near the lymph nodes, invade lymphocytes, and finally spread with the lymphocytes throughout the body under the transportation of blood. Once it spreads throughout the body, then it is AIDS. At the same time,Means resistance failure.

This process takes 72 hours according to physiological conditions, so it is best to take it within 72 hours.

So what are the anti-resistance drugs in 72 hours?

The first is the treatment of the wound, squeezing the wound, expanding the blood in the wound, washing the wound with soap and flowing water, and disinfecting the wound with alcohol or iodophor.

The first is the use of preventive drugs.

The combination of three drugs is currently the most commonly discontinued.

Tenofovir + lamivudine + efavirenz.

For patients with renal insufficiency, zidovudine is used instead of norfovir, efavirenz is more commonly used, and pregnant women can be replaced by lativavir.

Exceeds the principles of drugs mentioned above and recommended drugs.

Discontinuing medicine is only a first-aid method for emergencies, and there is still the possibility of failure, so be careful not to have high-risk behaviors in life.

Once infected with HIV, even if you take medication for more than 72 hours, you can still suppress the HIV, which is very helpful for early treatment.