[Can a baby over one year old drink yogurt]_Children_Can I drink

[Can a baby over one year old drink yogurt]_Children_Can I drink

There are too many nutrients in yogurt, and it can also help the body to digest. Most people drink some yogurt after eating. Yogurt can break down thirst in hot weather. Babies over one year old areCan’t drink some ordinary milk, because the distribution of grains in many milks is very uneven and not suitable for babies. So can babies over one year old drink yogurt?

First, can a baby over one year old drink yogurt?

Infants and young children after the age of one year have an enhanced digestive function. With rice as the main food source, the requirements for milk are relatively simple.

Therefore, if conditions permit, infants over 1 year old are recommended to substitute infant formula; if conditions permit, ordinary milk can also be used instead.

Of course, for some special populations, some infants and children who are malnourished, anemia or thin should choose formula instead.

Yogurt is fermented milk that is easier to digest.

Therefore, for infants and children over 1 year old with poor digestive function, drinking yogurt is beneficial.

Yogurt is rich in nutrition and can be absorbed. For those children who do not like to drink milk but can accept yogurt, using yogurt instead of ordinary milk is also a good choice, but not all babies can drink yogurt.

Babies under the age of 1 should not drink yogurt.

Second, in the end, cheese is suitable for infants and children over 1 year old because of its high content of calcium, protein, and trace amounts.

In general, infants between 1 and 2 years of age consume 250 to 500 ml of milk to ensure a basic calcium supply.

Some mothers think that probiotic yogurt is good and can relieve constipation, so it is not appropriate to give the baby a drink.

Probiotic yogurt is a health food and cannot be used as a substitute for medicines, so you have constipation. When diarrhea, please consult a doctor for treatment.

Because of fresh milk, because it is rich in too many minerals and is not suitable for humans to absorb protein types, it will increase the liver and kidney burden of the baby.

In addition, milk is deficient in iron and unsaturated fatty acids and taurine necessary for infant brain development. Therefore, it is recommended that babies under 3 years old drink less fresh milk.

Can a baby over one year old drink yogurt?

Feeding infants and young children with yogurt is the simplest and scientific method.

The physiological characteristics of infants and young children are fast growth and development, and they need more nutrients, but their stomach capacity is small, so they should choose foods with high nutrient / energy density.

Yogurt contains galactose, which is the constituent of brain sound lipids in the brain and nervous system, which is closely related to the rapid growth of the brain after the baby is born.

Yogurt contains excessive lactic acid bacteria, and the acidity is appropriate. Drinking yogurt can effectively inhibit the production of harmful bacteria and improve immunity, which can prevent diarrhea or reduce the duration of diarrhea and reduce the incidence of acute diarrhea.