[Handmade whole grains]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Handmade whole grains]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Maybe everyone will receive such a homework when they are in elementary school, that is, returning home to use a grain to make a hand-made poster. For us who were children at the time, this homework may be a very interesting homework, everyone will be veryHappily invest in this homework.

However, there are many problems encountered when making this homework. Let’s introduce in detail how to make hand-made stickers with grains.

Making birthday cake stickers with grains: a tool / raw material A4 white paper, a black line marker, a roll of double-sided tape.) The first step is to put purple black rice, yellow corn flakes, and white barley kernels on a plate.

The second step is to draw a basic outline of the birthday cake on the drawing paper placed horizontally with a hook pen.

In the third step, I will use the double-sided adhesive on the first layer and the second layer of cake.

Next, first use the yellow corn flakes on the lower end of the first and second layers of the cake, and paste them one by one in a row.

The fourth step is to use white barley rice, and stick the lined-up part with the side facing up.

The fifth step, then sprinkle the black rice between the yellow corn flakes and the white barley rice that had been pasted. Note that for the sake of beauty, it must be evenly covered.

The sixth step is to turn the white barley kernels over, with the white smooth side facing up, and insert the grains into the wavy lines, and paste them next to each other evenly.

In the seventh step, grab a small amount of black rice and scatter it in the middle of the glued upper and lower barley kernels, and wipe off evenly.

Increase or decrease as appropriate.

Then, press the black rice that is not tightly with your hands, and then press it gently to remove it.

The eighth step, then, use white barley kernels to paste the first layer of cream, there is no sticky place, all one by one.

In the ninth step, the black rice is evenly spread in the first layer of wavy lines as cream.

Step 10. Next, we will embed the second and last layer of the cake evenly according to the same method as before.

The eleventh step is to stick the three candles in advance with double-sided tape.

Sprinkle the black rice on the sticky area and spread it evenly.

As in the twelfth step, finally stick the yellow corn flakes on the top of the candle as the candle wick.

No, the cake made by my cereals is pasted by hand.