[Can a catfish with a parasite eat it?]

[Can a catfish with a parasite eat it?]

Fish, its meat is delicious, and its nutritional value is extremely high.

Carassius auratus is rich in protein and lecithin, and the lecithin in carassius aura is the main component of the tissues that make up human organs.

It is also a substance that cannot be shared in brain cells.

So we should know that catfish meat has the effect of nourishing brain and fitness.

There is a special substance in fish meat called catfish.

Carassius auratus has the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying, expelling wind and swelling, relieving pain and bleeding, and intestinal detoxification.

It can also regulate blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Good treatment for hemorrhoids and diabetes.

And catfish contain a little bit, so it is an ideal food for diabetics.

But there are parasites in catfish, so can this catfish with parasites be eaten?

Fish is a variety of common aquatic organisms. Because it grows in water, it is easy to be infected with parasites, and most catfish have parasites. Can catfish have parasites to eat?

Catfish with parasites can also be eaten, but not sloppy in cooking. Let’s learn more about catfish parasites below.

1. Do catfish have parasites? Catfish are at risk for parasite infection.

The living environment of fish is mainly silt. In this environment, parasitic infections cannot be avoided. Therefore, many wild catfish contain a lot of parasites, while many farmed catfish have relatively high levels of parasites.concentration.

2. What parasites are contained in catfish? Many people know that catfish contain parasites, and some experts have dissected catfish and stripped the caterpillars, spiny worms, and other parasites from the catfish’s flesh.They are not the exclusive parasites of the human body, which will not cause much harm to the human body, and can be effectively removed by certain cooking methods to avoid infection.

3. How to prevent parasites from infecting catfish ‘s blood and digestive tract is the main place for parasite parasites. Before eating, it is necessary to fully heat the catfish. Of course, it is also necessary to remove the internal organs. After sufficient cooking, make sureThe fish is well cooked to prevent parasitic infections.

4, taboo eating catfish ① catfish is also the best wild quality, taste and nutritional value is the highest, but the risk of parasites in wild catfish is also high, you need to perform adequate pest control before eating.

② At present, most of the catfish on the table is mainly farmed. Many illegal farms are for the rapid growth of catfish. Therefore, this catfish cannot be eaten more to avoid imbalance of hormone levels in the body, especially for children.precocious.