[Frozen Yogurt Practice]_Frozen Yogurt_Homely Practices_Production Method

[Frozen Yogurt Practice]_Frozen Yogurt_Homely Practices_Production Method

In the hot weather, all kinds of cold drinks are very popular, even the taste is very refreshing, and it has a good summer cooling effect. Today we recommend frozen yogurt. In order to let everyone eat the food, I will introduce the following.Methods.

First, frozen yogurt practice 1.

Find a frost-resistant container and pour the yogurt into the container 2.

Wait for a few hours to freeze the yogurt, then use a spoon or a ball digger to scrape it into crushed ice, or slightly soften the temperature. Dig it into a ball and put it in a container and eat it directly. You can also add honey beans, sugar osmanthus, strawberry jam, etcIt will be more delicious. Step 1 of frozen yogurt. Prepare a frozen container, a bag of yogurt, and pour the yogurt into the container to freeze.

2. Frozen into lumps for several hours and remove.

3. Use a spoon to scrape the yogurt into crumbs.

4, into the container and you can eat the original frozen yogurt.

5. You can add honey beans for better taste.

6, can also add sugar osmanthus flavoring.

7, or take out the frozen yogurt and warm it a little, wait for the yogurt to soften, dig into a ball with a ball digger, and put the strawberry jam.

Third, the practice of frozen yogurt 1.

Pour the yogurt (original yogurt is best) into a container that can be frozen, put it in the freezer, and freeze until hard; 2.

Generally freeze for about 3 hours, the yogurt starts to harden, if you like to eat softer, freeze for 2 or 3 hours; 3.

4. You can also freeze until it is completely frozen and hard (more than 4 or 5 hours), take it out when you want to eat it, place it in the room for a while, and then dig with a metal spoon to eat or scrape it;

You can mix some fruits, but eat pure and taste the best!

Fourth, the practice of frozen yogurt Step 1, bag a bag of Huahua Cow Yogurt, pour into two pudding cups, cover with packaging.

2. Add to refrigerator freezer for about 3-4 hours.

3. Take it from the refrigerator and put a cute bear label on it.